we are

We are a team of driven professionals with extensive experience in delivering innovative graphics and processor silicon ICs, now joining forces to bring the industry's first, open-standard, unified compute-graphics silicon IP solutions to the markets we serve.

We ARE the rule-breakers who are not afraid to change the rules of the game to propel the industry foward.

We ARE the visionaries who brought 3D graphics and multimedia processors to notebook PCs and mobile phones.

For the companies we led, we have defined, developed and shipped

over 2 Billion
silicon chips

to PC, mobile phones and other consumer electronics OEMs worldwide.

We know what it takes to deliver innovative new semiconductor solutions.


We are formulating "Inspiring Innovations"

Being true to our motto, "Inspiring Innovations," we are creating solutions that will not only be inspiring but also will inspire our partners to bring innovative solutions to the markets they serve.


With our crazy scientist, a medical doctor and self-taught tech evangelist, we are teaming up to bring something anew – a unique way of processing that will revolutionize the silicon solutions for the markets we are targeting.

Pardon us while we stay stealthy. We are at it. The awesome will arrive soon!

Our markets

When we dream, we are boundless...
With our configurable and scalable cores – dare we say "open for you to play"  – we dream of addressing a variety of markets.

One by one, we aim to deliver solutions for VR/AR headsets, web-based PCs, the new generation of IoT devices, industrial/medical instrumentation, automobile, wearables and cloud computing.

You may wonder if these are just dreams. Our partners know we are for real. In time, so will you.


The values that define us

We are bold, passionate and driven. We are the rule-breakers who are not afraid to change the rules of the game once again to lead the technology industry forward. We are committed to doing this with integrity, respecting diversity and individuality, and working together as one team with everyone in our ecosystem.


  • Innovative

    With our experience and expertise, we strive to continuously innovate to deliver game-changing silicon IP solutions.

  • Leadership

    We will inspire and lead the industry forward by delivering novel silicon IP solutions that enable our partners to innovate in their domains.

  • Passionate

    We are passionate and relentless in our pursuit of disruptive technologies to deliver unique solutions to all our target markets.

    • Integrity

      We are dedicated to upholding our principles and values while executing our business objectives ethically and responsibly.

    • Equality

      We respect people, value diversity, appreciate individuality, and are committed to treating everyone equally.

    • One Team

      With one shared vision, we desire to collaborate at every level, with everyone we work with, supporting one another in achieving our objectives.

      We are hiring

      Are you a dreamer? Do you dare to dream the impossible?
      Are you ready to be highly challenged to pursue this new paradigm shift in technology?

      Then, come join our team. You will love working with us.

      We are looking for ASIC designers, ASIC and software architects, Software engineers, team leads, and software and ASIC program managers.

      Click the Careers button below to review available positions and apply. Or you may send us your cv/resume for consideration to

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